Ask A Travel Nurse: Where Should I License?

Ask A Travel Nurse: Where Should I License?

Travel Nurse OrientationGypsy,

I will be looking to start my Travel Nurse career after the 1st of the year.  What states would you recommend I obtain licensing in?

Mark, RN

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This is question that is asked quite frequently.  I personally only obtain a license for those states in which I have a job offer for.  I’m not compact licensed so this does limit me in some ways.

I recently posted an Infographic that lines out the top 10 States with the most nursing job openings.  No this is not conclusive that these positions are ‘travel’ positions but if you wanted to pre-license somewhere that there are a lot of jobs, this is where I would start.

Here are the Top 10 (as lined out in the Infographic)

  1. California
  2. Florida
  3. New York
  4. Ohio
  5. N. Carolina
  6. Illinois
  7. New Jersey
  8. Michigan
  9. Georgia
  10. Massachusetts
I hope that this helps give you at least a starting point.  Just remember that pre-licensing can be costly and there is no guarantee that you will obtain a position in a state that you license in.  [/quote]


I love hearing the opinions of my readers.  Your opinion could be the perfect solution for someone.  Please share your thoughts below in the comments.  Do you have a question for me?  Fill out the Ask A Travel Nurse form and submit your questions.  In addition, if you like what you’ve read here don’t forget to SHARE.

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As a travel nursing educator, Candy aka Gypsy Nurse, RN has worked in healthcare for nearly 20 years, working up the ranks from CNA to LPN to RN. For the past eleven years, she’s worked as a travel nurse, allowing her to practice and live in 15 states throughout the U.S. Candy still works occasionally as a travel nurse but spends most of her time providing a supportive information and resources through and it's affiliated social networks.

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  1. Lisa says:

    careful with California- last check they don’t use nursys to verify licensure- pain in the arse when applying to other states

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