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[quote author="- Gypsy Nurse, RN"]Here is where you will find everything there is to know about Hypertravelosis.  You’ll learn what Hypertravelosis is, how it relates to travel nursing, and the steps toward treatment.  If you are a nurse suffering from Hypertravelosis, I invite you to join me in learning about becoming a Travel Nurse.  [/quote]


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In this series of posts, I’ll be breaking down each of the following steps into easy to follow directions/guidance.  I recommend that you follow them in order and if you have any questions that I don’t cover, please feel free to add them in the comments section at the bottom of this page.


[tab title="Assessment"]Step #1: Determine Why You Want to Travel
Step #2: What Do You Want/Need out of Travel?
Step #3: Where and When are You Willing to Go?
Step #4: Understanding the Myths
Step #5: Know Your Deal-Breakers[/tab]
[tab title="Planning"]Step #6: Building your Travel Portfolio
Step #:7 Research Travel Nurse agencies
Step #:8 Submission of Your Profile
Step #:9 Working With Your Recruiter(s)
Step #:10 Prepare For the Interview
Step #:11 Preliminary Contract Negotiations
Step #:12 Determine if The Job is A Good Fit
Step #:13 Sealing the Deal
Step #:14 Get Ready for the Journey
Step #:15 Packing for the Travel Nurse
Step #:16 Prepare Your Vehicle 
Step #:17 Keeping Track of the Paperwork
Step #:18 Make It A Great Road-Trip
[tab title="Implementation"]Step #:19 Arrival On Location
Step #:20 Settling In (unpacking and finding the necessities)
Step #:21 Day #1 On The Job (The countdown Begins – Coming soon
Step #22  How to Make the Most of Your Travel Nurse Contract
Step #23  Travel Nurse Contract – 8 Weeks to go
Step #:24 Travel Nurse Contract – 4 Weeks to Go
Step #:25 Travel Nurse Contract – 2 Weeks Left 
Step #:26 Step #26: The Final Week

[tab title="Evaluation"]Step #27: Wash….Rinse…Repeat!! [/tab] [/tabs]