Life of a Traveler – Leaving New Friends

Life of a Traveler – Leaving New Friends

The Following is a guest article written by: Michelle Lane, CNA

Michelle AmbassadorI love to meet new people! Perhaps for me that is the best part about being a traveler. Well, that, and the fact that I get to go to a new place every 13 weeks! I love the adventure of getting on the airplane- final destination, somewhere I have never been!

I am a new traveler, fresh off my first contract, and not even 8 days into my new one. I spent 16 weeks in Seward, AK and I made some really great friends and I think that made it even more difficult when it came time to leave! Everyone, from my onsite manager, all the way down to the maintenance guy in my apartment building were the nicest people, so helpful and genuinely wanting to help and make my time in Seward the most enjoyable. They not only succeeded, it made it very difficult when it came time to leave.

Text, Twitter®, Facebook® and Email! Oh My!

In our modern age of technology we are afforded so many options to keep in touch with people! It is like “Instant Gratification”. We may be thousands of miles away from our new found friends by the 14th week of meeting them, but we are able to stay in contact instantly, when we choose to.

Michelle FriendThrough the invention of Facebook ® we can follow along in the lives of new and old friends, alike. You can send a text on their birthday by using wireless phones, or send and receive emails with pictures that you took of them while on assignment, and even follow them on Twitter® if you choose to. No longer do we have to wait weeks for a letter, or schedule a phone call when the rates are the lowest. Do you remember those days? (Or, did I just date myself? LOL) No way, we are of the technology age, baby! We can instantly keep in touch and maintain those new found friendships through so many options now!

It may not completely eliminate those feelings of sadness when it does come time to leave your new friends, but it is now easier than ever to keep in touch and maintain those friendships for years to come! So go out there and meet people, Gypsies! The friendships do not end when the assignment does!

Happy Traveling, my friends!


Relationships while on the road can be a huge joy and a source of camaraderie. They can also blow up and cause drama and pain.  Relationships are a part of life.  The good ones, we want to hold onto forever and the bad…generally teach us something about ourselves if we are willing to take a minute to reflect on them. “Scrubbing In” a recent MTV reality series reflects both the good and bad in some of these relationships.

Would you like to share with The Gypsy Nurse readers your experiences with relationships on the road?  Do you have a good or bad experience that left you reflecting on yourself or life?  How have the relationships you’ve experienced impacted your life, attitude or outlook? If you would like to share your Travel Nursing experiences, please submit HERE.


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As a travel nursing educator, Candy aka Gypsy Nurse, RN has worked in healthcare for nearly 20 years, working up the ranks from CNA to LPN to RN. For the past eleven years, she’s worked as a travel nurse, allowing her to practice and live in 15 states throughout the U.S. Candy still works occasionally as a travel nurse but spends most of her time providing a supportive information and resources through and it's affiliated social networks.

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2 Responses to Life of a Traveler – Leaving New Friends

  1. Great guest post. I agree that social media helps us stay in contact so we never have to feel alone. I did wish I had the chance to be a travel nurse in my day; alas, I have met my husband and at this point don’t think I will be moving around the country. I use social media to help me make friends and meet colleagues from where I am. So the best of both worlds! Thanks for sharing your experiences, Elizabeth

    • MichelleLane, Gypsy CNA Ambassador says:

      Thank you so much, Elizabeth! I truly love people, and adventure! I have friends of many decades and some which I have met very recently- I love and utilize Facebook to keep in touch with everyone! Including my parents, and siblings! It really makes staying in touch a joy and not a chore anymore!

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