Matt Bukirin: Overcome Health and Fitness Challenges

Matt Bukirin: Overcome Health and Fitness Challenges

Matt Bukirin, a NASM certified trainer wrote a recent post titled “Four Ways Nurses Can Overcome Health and Fitness Challenges” for

As a nurse that finds it difficult to stay involved in a fitness routine, I found Matt’s article inspiring.   With Matt’s permission, I have posted parts of the article below.

[quote author=”- Matt Bukirin”]Nurses have one of the most difficult jobs in our country. Working several hours a day to take care of our ill requires a mental and physical strength that is both inspirational and world-changing. However, sometimes this work can be so difficult that it becomes a challenge to maintain personal health and fitness.[/quote]

Matt addresses 4 common complaints in his article.  I’ve summarized them here, but I encourage you to read the original article.

Overcome Health and Fitness ChallengesIrregular work hours

Matt states that by re-framing exercise and fitness as a real priority in your life, you will make time instead of trying to find time

  • Make it a habit to exercise
  • Prioritize fitness.

Overcome Health and Fitness Challenges.No Energy

Spending energy in your workout helps give you more energy.

Difficulty getting back to a regular exercise routine
  • Use your patients as inspiration.

Matt makes a good point when he states, I’m sure you must have seen numerous examples of individuals overcoming physical challenges and their fear of the unfamiliar. Use this motivation and a reminder that you too can do the same.


Overcome Health and Fitness ChallengesDiet and Nutrition on a busy schedule

Buy a healthy snack like trail mix or nuts.
Cook more.
Make a protein shake or green smoothie.

[message_box]Matt Bukirin is a NASM certified trainer and member of Movemo, a health and fitness company that teaches and empowers those who move our world forward to live healthier so that they can increase the positive change they make in the world.  He also writes health and fitness articles for[/message_box]

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