Travel Nurse Interview: Kelly, RN

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travel nurse interview

Name: , RN

Specialty: OR

Level of Education: ASN

Do you suffer from Hypertravelosis? YES

What are your Symptoms of Hypertravelosis? , Frequent dreams of far-away places, Starting sentences with “I would love to go to…” or “I wish I could…”, Purchase of multiple travel guides or Visitor guides., Thoughts of changing nursing field., Frequent job changes., Desire to check off the 1000 places to see before you die., A feeling of dread prior to going to work.

How long have you been traveling? Novice Traveler < 1 year

How many locations have you traveled? 1
Please list them.

St Joseph of Orange in Orange, CA (3 assignments) ( Though I worked registry in FL)

travel nurse location

What was your favorite location? Favorite Hospital? Why?


So far, Orange!


So, far, St. Joe’s has been great. I also loved the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL (was staff there for 7 months)

What is the longest you’ve been in one location? The shortest?:

Longest: 13 wks x3 on Orange, CA

Shortest: all were 13 wks

Share why you started Travel Nursing:

Over 20 yrs ago, I met a travel nurse. She became staff at my hospital. I was in my 20s then and she would tell me about her adventures and I told he that I was going to travel one day. I never lost hope of my dream (raised 4 kids in the meantime). She is still my friend today and has been inspiring and supportive during my last 7 months of travel. I also fit the personality profile for suffering from hypertravelosis. I had an interview once wherein the manager stated that I had a great resume, but she was reluctant to hire me due to the number of jobs I’d had. Needless to say, that did not end well. I ended up asking her what was wrong with her that she had stayed in the same place for the last 30 years. After a few months I start to feel stagnated. I was happy to see that I am not alone and now have a support group!


Have you changed specialties while traveling? Please explain.

No, but I would be open to this for sure!!!

If you could give one piece of advice to a new travel nurse, what would it be? (feel free to list more than one).

Do not take the first assignment until your life is in order. Do alot of research and be prepared. When you are ready, cardinal rule: Be flexible.

Tell me about an experience that stands out from you Travel Nurse career. It could be clinical, funny, while on the road, etc.

One of my favorite things about travel is meeting new people in the hospital and finding out about the area and going to see their area like a native. They love that you want to see where they live and are proud to share. I like reporting back to them and thanking them for their suggestions. I also like to invite people along, and have had so much fun in doing so.

What do you feel was the biggest mistake that you made related to travel nursing? What advice would you give a new traveler to prevent making the same mistake?

I did ALOT of research. I think I have done pretty well, but I also have LIFE experience on my side. Missed shift charges have killed me-I flexed alot on low census days and was penalized. I did not read the fine print in my contract. Foolish on my part. ( by the way, I complained and they are possibly going to reimburse some of the $ back to me).

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