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Fastaff Travel Nursing

More than two decades ago, Fastaff pioneered the practice of Rapid Response travel nursing. Because of our solid reputation with the country’s top facilities, we offer top assignments and premium pay: up to $55 hourly / $75 hourly overtime. Fastaff is one of a few travel nurse agencies that prides itself on being able to provide premium pay. We also offer shorter assignments (4 to 13 weeks) with guaranteed hours. As an established, in-demand staffing agency, we are able to offer our nurses a highly comprehensive benefits package. This includes a 401K; plans for medical, dental, and vision; free educational opportunities; license reimbursement paid travel and housing; plus a perks program.

Travel Nurse Across America Logo-1Travel Nurse Across America

As a travel nurse, you are in great demand. You have an opportunity to travel and work anywhere you choose. The travel nursing company you choose makes all the difference. At Travel Nurse across America, we believe in long term relationships with our travelers. There are no travel nurse companies out there that will take better care of you. We will not pester you with hundreds of phone calls or mailers like some other travel nurse agencies. Our #1 priority is looking out for you. Our benefits, compensation package and support have been praised as the best in the business.


Atlas MedStaffAtlas MedStaff

Atlas MedStaff believes in family values and the power of friendship.

We support you with our team that has over three decades of experience . You’re our top priority. That’s why we build lifelong friendships and create a culture of family. We understand the stresses of today’s healthcare industry can overwhelm you, let us be there for you every step of the way. Whether you’ve never traveled as a nurse before or you’re a travel nursing veteran, you’ll get our utmost attention and support, no matter what. We commit ourselves to finding your ideal travel assignment because that is what a good friend does. Our dedication places you in the best position.


  PAN Travelers:  The Professional Association of Nurse Travelers

The national association for traveling healthcare professionals. We are the leading voice and advocate for healthcare travelers in the U.S.


The Professional Association of Nurse Travelers serves as a comprehensive educational resource for Healthcare Travelers in the United States. Our larger vision is to improve the conditions for Healthcare Travelers, hospitals and patients.  The Association identifies issues of concern to nurse travelers, researches solutions and defines standards that foster safe, healthy, and humane work environments.  Universal Implementation of Compact State licensure for nurses and mandated safe staffing ratios are two such important issues that can have a positive impact on working conditions and patient care. As a 501(c)(6) non-profit, the Association and its members are legally allowed to lobby Congress and state legislative bodies on issues and laws that impact our member constituent.

Travel Nurse Resources

Travel Nurse (temporary) Housing


  • ANA – American Nurses Association
  • NSNA – National Student Nurse Association
  • AMSN – Academy of Medical Surgical Nurses

Nurse Bloggers

  • Digital Doorway - Reflections by NurseKeith on nursing, coaching, healthcare, and other flotsam and jetsam.
  • Nurse Keith Coaching – Nurse Keith coaches the nurse to rediscovering, reconnecting and  finding balance in your life, and making your own health, happiness, relationships and life satisfaction the focus.
  • Innovative Nurse - The goal of Innovative Nurse has been to build a strong community for nurses to better realize their true potential in the health care field.
  • Mighty Nurse - Mighty Nurse is a team of nurse superheroes.  The mission: To support and empower nurses in a world that takes advantage of their unrelenting support for humanity, kindness and skills.
  • Traveling Pair – Follow along with Aaron and Emily who are recently married as they blog on their experience as newlyweds and nurses in different specialties traveling together as new travel nurses.
  • The Nerdy Nurse - She describes herself  a “Patient, Nurse, and Technology Advocate.”   She blogs mostly about ‘techy’ nurse things but you will also find tons of other information.
  • Nurse Germz - A nurse turned blogger out from nowhere. Unemployment was the key to motivation until employed as an online article writer. However, passion no matter what remains to the be the very thing to hold on in fulfilling dreams of becoming a nurse.
  • Beauty and Bandaids – Stories and photography from various places across the USA,  information about travel life, nursing licensing and travel lodging.
  • Edgy June Travels -  This June Cleaver hates to cook, loves to swear, likes a cocktail or two; begrudgingly vacuums when we’re swimming in dog hair; usually in her pajamas at home, and probably gives bad advice. But now June is staring down an empty nest. She’s staring it down like the dog does the bowl just before dinner with that ever hopeful, prayerful gaze that telegraphs: “If I wish hard enough it will happen!” She’s doffing her apron and donning a backpack to pursue her other passion. Travel. It’s what gets her up in the morning and out of the house.So this is what happens when I leave the house!
  • Highway Hypodermics:  Epi to the nursing world.  This site is full of helpful information for the travel nurse including an annual run-down of the top companies.
  • TravelNursingBlogs.com - Travel Nursing Blogs is a great resource for travel nurses with thousands of articles on travel nursing, company reviews, tools and checklists.
  • Coach Perg.com - “My mission is to also help those other nurses who have discovered a burning desire to move on in their life and career. Be that in a different field in nursing, a different field altogether or as an entrepreneur.
  • NurseMeRN – She has been a critical care and trauma nurse since 1998 splitting her time between the ER and ICU of Level 1 trauma centers. Blogging about everything nursing because “Everyone needs a Nurse.”

Nursing Forums & Social Networking

  • The Gypsy Nurse Network via Facebook - A community full of travelers.  A great resource to find community support, make friends, and organize travel nursing activities together.  Come join in on the Caravan.
    • The Gypsy Nurse Fan Page:  This is where all the latest articles from the website can be found. Become a Fan today! 
    • Gypsy Nurse Jobs:  Find your next position by connecting with recruiters and other travel medical professionals.
    • Gypsy Spouses:  Find out what the other Gypsy Nurse Spouses are up to, where they are traveling and what to do during your down-time.
    • CNA Travelers: Here is a place just for you.  Share job resources, advice and friendship.
    • Are you an LPN and looking for advice specific to LPN’s?  The spot to be is the LPN Gypsy Group!
  • NurseTogether.com - NurseTogether.com was founded with a single goal in mind: empower the global nursing community with helpful information through a single, easy- to- use web site.
  • Delphi Travel Nurses and Therapists – A community of forums for the traveling medical professional as well as job boards.
  • Travel Nursing Central – Your one stop shop for everything Travel Nursing

Industry Information

  • CDC – Center for Disease Control and Prevention
  • FDA – US Food and Drug Association
  • HHS – US Department of Health & Human Services

Tourist, Travel and Transportation

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